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Traditional Astrakhan technology

Traditional Astrakhan's technology

We produce caviar from wild specimens of Caspian beluga, Russian osetra (sturgeon) and sterlet according to traditional Astrakhan's technology.

This is the cause of this classic taste of black caviar. This taste is delighted by many gourmets around the world for hundreds of years. And with the taste of "Caspian" caviar, no other black caviar can compare.

Environmentally friendly product

We feed our fish only with natural fodders, which the fish feed in a natural environment.

Our sturgeons is contained in fishpond placed on the Volga River in running water, which is a natural habitat for this type of fish.

And the water in which the fish is kept, and the quality of feeds are always reflected in its taste and, especially, on the taste of caviar.

Экологически чистый продукт
Гарантия качества

Warranty of high quallity

All of our products undergo the necessary sanitary control.

Delivery of caviar to the final consumer is carried out in special thermal containers, which completely preserves the original taste and quality of caviar.

In order to ensure the functioning of the quality system, the company introduced a system of its own control based on the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)